Deising’s Bakery, Restaurant & Catering Company strives to be good citizens. In order to strengthen the health, social, educational, and cultural fabric of our community, we realize that we must make significant contributions. Because of this, we proudly support many area soup kitchens, Family of Woodstock, and several schools and churches in our community.

In addition to these organizations, we understand that there are many causes worthy of support, but by focusing our resources in a few areas we feel our impact is greater. We meet weekly to make decisions on how we will “Give Back” to the community. We base our decisions on the following information:

  1. Is your organization or event clearly non-profit or charitable 501(C)3?
  2. Is your request coming from an organization that will improve the health, education,  cultural, or civic vitality of our community?

We will respond to your contribution request if we can identify with the cause — trying not to base our decision upon whether our own self-interest will be helped by responding or hurt by not responding.

This form has been set up due to the numerous requests we get on a daily basis. On average, we get 3 requests per day. Over 20 per week! Our hearts go out to our community, many times too frequently. After researching our donations for past years, we realized that we were putting our business in jeopardy by fulfilling too many requests. As a business, we feel it is better to be able to stay in business and provide the charity we can afford, rather than go out of business and not be charitable at all! Please understand we regrettably have to  say no sometimes.

Please complete the form below. Our budget is set each month, and requests are handled on a first-come-first-serve basis. The more lead time we are given to consider your request, the better your chances are of enlisting our help. We will respond within 30 days.

    Organization Name

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    Mission Statement

    Are you a 501c3? NoYes

    Have we donated to you before? NoYes

    What is your relationship to this organization

    Name and description of event

    Goal of this event

    What will this donation be used for?

    If Other please explain:

    If Refreshments, how many will be served?

    What specific donation are you seeking?

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