I saw a cute Minnie Mousse cake online.

Can you match that for me?

Yes...and possibly no. Because we are selling our cakes to you, we are bound by Copyright and Trademark Law. This means that any character that is trademarked, like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, college or company logos and most other characters from popular TV shows and movies, are off limits for our bakery to reproduce unless we have written permission from the owner of the copyright or trademark.

The reason you see them online is because many of these cakes are being produced by hobby bakers for their families and friends and are not being sold to the public. We are not allowed to make money from someone else’s intellectual property.

We do, however, have a wide variety of “licensed” toys that we can put on your cake, then decorate the cake accordingly.     

We literally offer hundreds of licensed kits. Please call 845-338-7505 or top in to see if we have what you're looking for.