Restaurant, Bakery, Catering Ulster County Hudson ValleyIn 1960 our parents, Uwe and Ingrid, left their native country of Germany to start a new life in America. They soon fell in love with the American dream and applied for citizenship. Although our parents grew up on the same city of Hamburg, they did not meet until they moved to America! They were soon married and living in Long Island.

Our father always had the dream of showcasing his European trained talents here in America. We are proud to boast that he had become the youngest certified master baker in Germany at the age of 22. In 1965 his dream became a reality when he found "Ketterer's Bakery" in the New York Times classifieds. He drove to Kingston, immediately fell in love with the Hudson Valley, and purchased the bakery three days later. With the help of our Mom, they operated the bakery as Ketterer's Bakery until 1980 before changing the name to Deising's Bakery.

After purchasing our second location that same year, our Mom, an honor graduate from Schlankreye International Business College, pursued her dream of opening a cafe. With her business knowledge and excellent cooking abilities, her menu became so popular that they needed to expand again. They purchased the two adjacent buildings to expand the restaurant and begin our catering business. Today Deising's is a well known meeting place for both the social and business communities of Kingston, Ulster County, and the Hudson Valley.

Over the years Deising's has won numerous awards including "Best Breakfast in the Hudson Valley" and "Best Cookies of the Hudson Valley", but our proudest moment came when we were named "Best Retail Bakery in America"! All of our products are baked fresh daily using recipes that we have collected from around the world. We use the freshest and finest ingredients on the market, some imported from Europe so we can reproduce authentic desserts from the "Old World".

Our parents sent us to the best culinary and business schools in America. We have been fortunate enough to have worked in some of the finest hotels and restaurants around the world. Mom and Dad retired in 1999, but we are thrilled and honored to continue the family tradition of offering the Hudson Valley the finest baked goods. Our parents are pleased to see us continue the business following their model of offering customers great quality and friendly service at a fair price.

We've continued to grow Deising's throughout the years, adapting to our customers needs and desires. We're more than just a bakery. We strive to be a meeting place for families, friends, businessmen, and even politicians, where everyone can enjoy great food and companionship.

Please Enjoy a Photo Album We've Assembled from Our Family Collection!