Simply put, the best! I grew up with Deising’s and remember as a child the best birthday cakes were always from Deising’s (Ketterer’s) Bakery. As an adult, I still love Deising’s and have never found a bakery that compares. I come from a family of bread lovers, and it’s hard to find truly good bread, but Deising’s has it! Their raisin pumpernickel bread is the BEST, if not the only one, around, and their hard rolls are as a hard roll should be… crispy on the outside and soft inside. All their bakery items are awesome, but for a bread lovers, their breads are the bomb! Thank you, Deising’s family, for making the Hudson Valley home to the best bakery!

Kathi S

We live in NM, and our mother goes back to Red Hook, NY, every year to visit her brothers. The #1 place that is a priority of stops to her is Deising\’s to buy several boxes of assorted cookies to bring back to NM. She will carry all of these on her lap flying back to ensure that not one cookie gets broke. Than she distributes them out to her family and we have a feast when we eat these fabulous goodies!!! World class cookies! Thank you!

Sarah Greenhaus-Martinez

I got my wedding cake at Deising’s, and it was delicious! I also love getting egg sandwiches from the Midtown location.

We love Deising’s so much, we put them on our list of Ten Midtown Foods That Are Fueling Our Economy! (

Alex P

We found this little nugget via Yelp and turned off 87 to check it out. Will def be my go to stop anytime we are up that way. Best breakfast I’ve had in awhile – very affordable. Staff friendly, great food, home made bread (duh it’s a bakery!!) outstanding find!!

Anna C

Love the breakfast and lunch menus and the bakery is superb!

Wendy T

Right when you walk into Deising’s, you’re pretty much hit with a wall of bakery smells that are too strong NOT to give in to temptation! They make the most amazing cakes, and everything just looks HUGE. They also make very tasty bread. By far the best thing, however, is their breakfast. The menu is extensive and delightful, and they also have excellent coffee.

Caitlyn D

If you are looking for winter comfort food like I am, Deising’s will fit the bill. Wedding soup was hearty with a very “home made” taste. Absolutely the best hot pastrami sandwich I have had in 10 years! Baked goods looked so good, I had to take some home! Apple cranberry strudel- Delicious!

Cathy L

A very nice bakery store in this town. Fresh and healthy food.

Vanessa N

Big breakfast is delicious here, good atmosphere and great service. Took my bff here when she came to visit. Took my sister also in September for lunch. Great soups with fresh bread, also great salads and sandwichs. so many good choices makes it hard to decide what to have.


Clean, delicious and reasonable. Love their MontiCrisco for lunch. Fresh food, pleasant service and comfortable atmosphere. So many great baked goods it is hard to choose a favorite.

Kathleen C

Huge Family owned and operated bakery – Great food made fresh. Cakes and pastry are out of this world. No matter how much I eat for lunch, I always have to take a treat home – just can’t resist.

Mrs. Fawn

We stumbled upon this bakery while visiting Kingston and were so glad we did! Great selection of wonderful pastries and breads. We loved the cider donuts, cinnamon/sugar bread, cream puffs, apple strudel, and bread. Warm, friendly service that didn’t mind that we kept adding and adding to our order. So glad we stopped in! What a treat!!!

Donna D